Data, who needs it?

Contract management means very different things to different organisations. Some will have dedicated contract managers; others will have procurement organisations who manage the contracts; and some organisations will simply rely on business managers. The level of capacity, capability and control will vary immensely. However, the reality is that, no matter what, there will always be a need for data.

The current portfolio of contract management solutions is hugely varied in terms of complexity, functionality and cost. The one thing that they all have in common is the need for data. So what you may ask, that’s the same for all of us, and you would be right. Data is a wonderful thing, but does anyone really use it to its’ full capacity.

We have come across fantastic data with clients, and rightly so, they are very proud of it. However, it’s just data. Why invest so much time, effort and money on gathering the data if you don’t put it to work. At CMS we believe in your data and are passionate about making it work for you. Our services will ensure that your data is maintained at the very highest level and our ongoing commitment is to ensure that you have the right notifications, take the right actions, and keep your business safe, secure and compliant.

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CMS bridging the gap and a chance to have your say….

Known in the industry for their strategic vision and in depth knowledge of contract management technologies and services, CMS is able to bridge the gap between technology shortfalls and the organisation need for complete contract management and compliance. Bedding in the use of typical SaaS technologies relies on not just education and training but regularity of tool use and a strong contract administration capability to keep on top of new changes and amendments both buy side and sell side. That’s where CMS came in. As experts in the contract management technologies and services market CMS has awareness of all the best of breed specialist and integrated suite providers globally. CMS are able help clients with tool selection, but moreover the application of those tools and where augmented services are needed to compliment tools including detailed obligations management and executive and operational dashboards, reports and alerts.

CMS will shortly be conducting an industry wide survey which will be published as a White Paper in the Summer of 2016, the survey will test the effectiveness of SaaS technologies in addressing the full contract and compliance management agenda with a cross section of industry participants. If you are interested in taking part in the survey and receive a complimentary report of the findings, please e-mail us with you details in the Contact Us Section of the website quoting SWP and we will be in touch with you once the survey is launched.