Products and Services


Our Team of specialists conduct contract reviews to provide clients with easy to use registers that give oversight and control of their contracts, key terms & conditions and detailed obligations – all in one secure place. Clients can chose from Standard Registers to ensure the basics are covered and Enhanced Registers which allow for more bespoke contract data capture.

Managed Services

We offer clients Standard and Enhanced Managed Services that output dashboards and reports that give clear visibility and control of all contracts on an on-going basis.  CMS provide the ‘engine room’ to maintain and sustain contract performance reporting including any new contracts or contract amendments. CMS services allow clients to free up their time to focus on the priorities and pro-active contract and compliance management. In CMS’s Fully Managed Service clients receive active alerts to support contract obligations management. CMS can provide on-site or remote assistance based on client needs and work with data in all forms of media.

Contract Assurance

Our Assurance Team can offer clients meta data health-checks, contract performance audits and compliance status reviews on a single or regular basis to support improvement in the accuracy of contract meta data, contract performance and compliance levels

Contract Optimisation

Our Optimisation Team can offer a number of tools and services to assist clients in their CLM journey centred around the client need to manage contracts and compliance to price, cost, risk and value agendas